January 29, 2006

Ensie is leaving me

Oh, it’s not permanent or anything.

I hope.

The Missus is going home tomorrow, taking a short, post-holiday vacation . She’ll be home next Saturday, and until then, I’m on my own. This was part of the deal to move up here. I told her -and I actually meant it- that she could head home whenever she needed to. We’ve been up hear nearly six full months now, and I can’t blame her from wanting to escape an extraordinarily dreary Pacific Northwest winter.

You might ask why I’m not going with.

Yeah, why aren’t I going with? The reason is twofold. First, I have to stay home and take care of our pet menagerie. The cats are easy, as is the bird, but our dogs don’t always get along with my parents pets, and I would hate to board them. Secondly, I’m just too damned busy at work.

It sucks though, allowing your spouse a vacation without you. And while I joke about her not coming back, I am a bit nervous about that. I’m certain at least once or twice Ensie will wonder just how exactly I convinced her to leave Southern California. Her trip is well timed in one respect though. With the Beloved Seahawks in the Super Bowl next week I expect ESPN to be on a pretty continuous loop here in the Frinklin Estate.

This would drive Ensie just a little more than crazy.

I’ll miss her though. This house seems pretty empty without her.

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