January 30, 2006

Hey, A&M, Who won the National Championship this year?

A cheap shot? Probably, but I'm a bit peeved at Texas A&M. They filed for a restraining order against the Seahawks today, attempting to bar the teams use of the "12th Man".

The Aggies have been using the term since 1922, and trademarked the term (seriously, they trademarked a term) in 1990. The Hawks retired the jersey number 12 in 1984. Now, therein lies the rub. The Seahawks don't sell anything that says "12th man". They sell stuff with the number 12 on it, including the jersey. Now, is the term "12th man" implied. Yeah, but it's never used.

The school claims they responsibility and legal obligation to protect the university's trademarks, which in this instance is the '12th Man.' . Which, I guess is understandable, but seems really silly in the real world. Does anybody think, "they're talking about the 12th Man at the Super Bowl, A&M must be playing."

Just ridiculous...

Posted by Frinklin at January 30, 2006 09:37 PM | TrackBack

I have to say that when I saw you starting to talk about "The 12th Man," it confused me, but perhaps that's only for people who grew up in Texas.

Posted by: PG at January 30, 2006 11:54 PM
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