February 09, 2006

The Last Seahawk Post

…for the time being anyway. Free Agency starts on March 3 and the Hawks have some choices to make. This is how I think it will shake down.

Must Keep
LG Steve Hutchinson
The number one priority for this off-season. The Seahawks may franchise him.
FB Mack Strong
At 34, still at his peak. It won’t be for many years, but Mack’s deal will be done quickly.
QB Seneca Wallace (Restricted)
The Seahawks have a lot invested in him. They might sign a more experienced backup and play Wallace at WR more.
K Josh Reed (Restricted)
Like a lot of Seahawks, he had rough Super Bowl. He's a good kicker nonetheless.

Love to Keep, Probably Can’t
WR Joe Jurevicius
An accomplished pro who would fit as a starter in many places. Look for New England and Carolina to make a play.
DT Rocky Bernard
Career year or coming-out party? The Sugar Bear will be hard to keep.

Who Knows?
RB Shaun Alexander
Lately the conventional wisdom is that he’ll stay. But if Seattle was so hot to resign him, howcome they haven’t already? Will he take a ton of money and stay in the perfect situation or take even more money and end up in a bad one like Cleveland or Arizona?
RB Maurice Morris
If Shaun stays, Mo probably goes to a team willing to give him more of shot. If Shaun goes, he becomes the starter and the Seahawks find a second back through the draft or maybe free agency.
S Marquand Manuel
If Ken Hamlin is healthy enough to play next year, Manuel might want to leave and start full-time. A former UFA who was an important player for the Seahawks even before Hamlin’s injuries.
WR Peter Warrick
Another injury-prone year for this former #1 pick. He may stay if no one offers him a starting job.

Should Keep
TE Ryan Hannam
A fine year as the blocking tight end. His future might depend on Itula Mili’s comeback.
CB Jimmy Williams
Lost his job as punt returner, but played more in the secondary as the year went on. The team could do much worse as 4th or 5th CB.
DE Rodney Bailey
Versitile enough to move inside or out on the line. A nice piece to keep around
LB Kevin Bentley
Nickle linebacker who did a very nice job helping contain Steve Smith. If he plays better against the run he could displace DD Lewis as the starter
DE Joe Tafoya
Not as versatile as Bailey, but a nice fit as a fourth DE. Made some plays

P Tom Rouen
An okay year ruined by an awful Super Bowl. Shoulda never cut Chris Kluwe
OT Wayne Hunter (Restricted)
Still raw and probably superfluous with Ray Willis and Pork Chop Womack around.
S John Howell
Missed most of the season with injuries. Might stick if Manuel bolts, but probably replaced in the draft

Posted by Frinklin at February 9, 2006 07:54 PM | TrackBack

I like your list.

Is there any speculation about Strong retiring? Seems like I heard that at some point.

My 2 cents:
* I think not only should the Hawks make it a priority to sign Jurevicius, he should be a featured receiver next season. He's tall, catches everything, and plays with a chip on his shoulder. I totally agree about utilizing Wallace more at WR, also.
* With the offensive line intact (assuming Hutchinson signs), the Hawks can afford to start over at RB. Alexander can't be resigned if you want to keep your young defense together--it's that simple. I would draft a RB with my 1st pick and start over. Even Morris would run for 1000 yards behind this line, and he's got 'career backup' written all over him. This is Hasselbeck's team now, anyway.
* I can't emphasize this point enough: DUMP JERRAMY STEVENS!!! Suck it up, sign a possession TE this summer, and dump this ball-dropping trash-talking loser. He probably cost this team at least 10 points in the Super Bowl by ending early drives with drops. I'm amazed he caught the TD pass. Players can have bad games, but this guy has had a bad career. Move on.

Okay, okay...enough rambling. I just found your site. Looks good. I'll check in from time to time.

Posted by: J.R. at February 11, 2006 11:50 AM

I haven't heard anything about Mack retiring. If he does, it will punch a big hole in the lineup. Weaver has some talent, but he isn't ready. I would like to see the WR position altered a bit, but I'd actually like to see them add more speed. I like Jurevicius, but at this point the Seahawks have three possesion receivers. As I said previously, I'd like to see Shaun stay, but only at the right price.

As for Stevens, I'd give him one more year. He had a fine regular season, and I'd like to see how he bounces back before giving up on him.

Posted by: frinklin at February 11, 2006 06:38 PM
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