February 13, 2006

Be vewwwy, vewwy qwuiet….

I’m not going to comment much on the utterly ridiculous story of Vice-President Cheney accidentally shooting one of his fellow quail hunters. The liberal blogs are having a field day (and rightly so), and the cons are trying to spin this as no big deal.

My issue with this isn’t what happened, or the delay on reporting the accident (check out the exchange between David Gregory and White House Spokescreature McClelland from The Plank). My amusement comes from where this placed on the day’s news. Because the Missus and I are Olympic obsessive, we didn’t watch anything but NBC from 7-11:30. The local NBC affiliate KING 5, does a news trailer and mentioning –in this order- a hacker attack on a local website, the blizzard on the east coast, and the VP shooting somebody.

To which the Missus and I reacted thusly: What the fuck!?! Seriously, what the fucking fuck? How in the name of Aaron Burr is this the third-most important story of the day? How often does a sitting vice-president shoot anybody, accident or not? I understand that it was an accident, and the victim should be okay, but still…

I should also mention the “hacktivism” that lead the broadcast. It seems that a local women-only scooter club wasn’t doing enough to combat the plague of cartoons that has beset the Islamic world. Or maybe Allah doesn’t approve of middle-aged Seattleites on Vespas. Either way their website was hacked into and taken over by some numbskull and turned into a nice little Islamofacist fun.

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