February 13, 2006

America's Olympic Sweetheart

With the demise of Michelle Kwan and the brittleness of Sasha Cohen, America needs an Olympian to love. Apparently Shaun White is the guy. I have no problem with this. He seems fairly normal, he has likable stoner outlook on life, and he's really, really good at what he does. I did have to point out this qoute, seen at ESPN's Sports Guy page:

"I think it's better to buy real estate than say, a yellow and purple Corvette or an elephant that can speak sign language. My parents help me out a lot with that stuff. They don't want to see me when I'm 30, dead broke, selling bootleg tapes of my snowboard movies on the side of the freeway." -- Olympic gold medalist Shaun White on how he spends his endorsement money

Kid, if you can find an elephant that speaks sign language and you have the oppurtunity to buy it, please do so.

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