February 18, 2006

As the temperature soars into the low-40’s…

Beautiful sunny days in Seattle don’t happen all that often from October until about May, so those in the Pacific Northwest take advantage. During this awful cold snap we’re going through, it has been clear. One of the reasons it’s so damned cold. Expected high in Tacoma tonight? How about 18? That’s just not right. So, with a blue-sky day, even at 41 degrees, the Missus and I voyaged outside. We headed up I-90 into downtown Seattle.

After an early coffee, we hit Maximilien, a French restaurant hidden in Pike Place Market. We were so inspired we decided to hunt through the market for some gourmet bread and cheese for a light dinner tonight. We also made sure to spend far too much money on some equally gourmet puppy treats. We left the market and hiked up Union to Gelatiamo for the best gelato in Seattle, then drove through Belltown, Queen Anne and Capitol Hill to check on houses that we can in no way currently afford.

Thank God we also stopped at my favorite comic book shop, or this whole day would be so yuppified even I would hate me.

Still, it was an exceptionally nice day. One that I would probably have every Saturday, if the weather cooperated. And we lived in Seattle. We may have to.

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