February 21, 2006

Isiah Thomas' Demented Experiment

According to SI, the New York Knicks and their borderline lunatic GM are about to acquire Steve Francis from Orlando. Once known as Stevie Franchise (does anybody call him that anymore?), Francis might be responsible for the ultimate destruction of the Vancouver Grizzlies, as he refused to even report after being drafted. Francis demanded a trade to a southern city, which has astounded me to this day. Why anyone wouldn’t want to earn millions living in the prettiest city in North America, a city with –are you paying attention NBAers – shall we say lax views on marijuana laws has confounded me to this day.

That’s in the past though, and this is the future. Francis, who has turned out to be a supremely selfish shooting guard in an undersized point guard’s body, will be playing with Stephon Marbury, a supremely selfish shooting guard who plays point, and Jalen Rose, a supremely selfish swingman. This makes the NBA’s most dysfunctional franchise even more so. As soon as this trade goes though, betting lines will be available as to whom Larry Brown kills first: himself, Isiah, or any of the three.

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