March 02, 2006

I have become the Black Death

Death for my workplace anyway. Last December, despite fine business and growing returns, the mothership that controlled the office I worked for closed it down. Considering our office was the only one even remotely connected to the business we did, and we were the only remaining office in California, I had to admit it makes sense. Damn coporate synergy.

Cast out into the world again, I landed with the Coporate Behemoth. They were nice enough (and large enough) to let me transfer from San Diego to Seattle when I moved. Last month they announced that the San Diego office is closing.

That would make me 2 for 2.

Today, everyone in my office got an email requestion (demanding, actually) our presence for an emergency meeting. It seems that we’re on the verge of losing our major client for this office. We might end up facing closure.

Will I go 3 for 3?

I really need to get in a more stable industry.

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