March 02, 2006

Run Away! Run Away!


Fans of the Washington Nationals and readers of Deadspin will recognize this creature as "Screech", the Nationals' mascot. This horrifying melding of man and bird is not named after this Screech, but rather the noise that come from terrified children he will eventually consume.

I can't get on the Nats too much for this, because Seattle teams don't do much better.


The Mariner Moose has been at this for over a decade now, and while still essentially scary in that mascot-y way they all are, he's harmless.

Squatch dunking.jpg

Here is where things begin to go horribly, horribly wrong. This is Squatch, the Sonic mascot. He's supposed to be a Sasquatch, in case the name and the bigfoot logo on his jersey didn't give it away. Like all NBA mascots, he's just a poor shadow of the Phoenix Suns Gorilla


Yeah, I know. Just.. just move on, it's for the best.

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