March 04, 2006

Two Major Purchases

Okay, so the first doesn’t qualify as “major”, but it is deeply cool. Last week, I persuaded the Missus to take Monday, April 3 off, which is Opening Day of course. Despite my lifelong obsession with baseball this will be the first Opening Day game I’ve ever attended.

So, cool for me.

Now, the second major purchase didn’t actually happen. Almost, but it didn’t. The Missus and I have two cars, a fairly new VW Beetle, and a very old, beat-up Ford Ranger. The thought has been that we’ll replace the truck -since we don’t actually drive it much- once the Beetle is paid off. This is about a year away. We’ve decided on a small SUV. Stuff like the Ford Escape, Jeep Liberty and such. We were doing errands today and saw that the Kia dealership is running a $2000 rebate on the Sorento.

What the hell, we’ll take a look.

The look turned into a test drive.

The test drive turned into two test drives.

Now, we made the decision that we couldn’t afford two car payments at once. With two payments, plus the mortgage… just not going to work.

“Well,“ our intrepid car salesman say, “We could always pay off the reminder of the Beetle and lump it into the Sorento’s payment.”

They do that?

Our two test drives turned into “running the numbers”.

We were so close. With the addition of the reminder of the Beetle payments we were about fifty bucks over our budget -which was already $100 over our current payment- and about a thousand over on the down payment. We could have done it, rather easily actually, if we’d skimped on the options for the new car. I’m rather proud that the Missus and I didn’t do that. At this point, we know what we want.

Dammit, I just wish were driving it now.

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