April 04, 2006

The Chronicles of Bill, Part 2

Remember my thick-as-a-brick co-worker, "Bill," star of the Kansas quarter anecdote from a while back? Well, he's at it again. I swear this happened, even though it sounds like a Bill Engvall routine.

Bill and I are collaborating on a report. Bill left it on my desk, with a note asking me to look it over and return it to him. I did as he asked. Later in the afternoon, he came by, report in hand, asking, "Were you the one that looked this over?"

I figured a little sarcasm was called for, so I stared at him and said, "No, Bill. You put it on my desk, with my name on it, and I returned it to you. But it wasn't me, it was Sharon."

Bill paused. He said, "Oh, sorry." And he walked off to find Sharon.

(Cue Engvall: "Heeeeeeeeere's your sign.")

Either my deadpan is a lot better than I imagined, or it's a miracle Bill finds his way to work five times a week.

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