April 25, 2006

No Wounded Rodents in Sight

After his adventure last night, Jeffery was clearly excited to go outside this morning. While he and Matchbox were eating I checked the backyard and found no sign of wounded opossum. Upon his release, Jeffery made a beeline for the sight of his epic tussel and spent a solid 10 minutes sniffing for his prey. I finally called him in, offering a milk bone. He scrambled about halfway up the back stairs and stopped. He scrambled back down and for a second I asked myself why the damned opossum would come back. No, actually Jeffery must have remembered why we let him out in the first place. He really had to pee. Once back inside it seemed he was finally comfortable in his victory. He crawled under the covers with Ensie and fell dead asleep.

I sure hope this is over.

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