May 11, 2006

Rodent Redux

We thought that local opossums would realize that this is not the house to hang out at.

We were wrong. I let Jeffery out this evening, and forgot about him during the season finale of The Office. This was odd; usually he would bark to remind us that he was out there. After he'd been out for 20 minutes or so, I let him back in. He was remarkably calm. This should have been the first warning. He curled up next to Ensie on the couch and fell alseep.

Later, when it was time to let them out once more before bed, I noticed Jeffery was very, very excited about going outside again. This worried me. I left the dogs inside and went to check the backyard.

Well, this one wasn't playing dead. It seemed that when we thought Jeffery was outside enjoying the night air, he had come across a young opossum, probably the offspring of the one he attacked last time. It didn't seem that Jeffery had chewed him. Rather, he had been trampled to death. Makes sense, our nutcase dog loves to pounce on things.

He had just stopped trying to find these things.

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