May 25, 2006

Ghost Rider

Is it a little disturbing that the trailer is out for a movie that scheduled for a February 2007 release?

Well, yeah. The Ghost Rider movie has been in production for some time, and was pushed to winter 2007 because it sure doesn’t seem summer-movie quality. February is the Dead Zone for movies, especially wanna-be blockbusters like this one. And let’s face it, there is no well in hell that a Ghost Rider movie isn’t going to be completely cheesy.

The problem? It’s Ghost Rider for chrissakes. How many series has this character had? It’s always the same: Every few years Marvel comes out with a GR series, and fanboys go “Hey, Ghost Rider! That looks cool.” They buy the series for a couple years and then realize that beyond the visual, there just isn’t much there. So Marvel cancels the series and waits a couple more years until the fanboys have forgotten just how dull and pointless Johnny Blaze (seriously? Johnny Blaze?) can be.

This is considered worthy of a major motion picture?

Trust me, this is going to make Daredevil look like a masterpiece.

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