May 26, 2006

Amateur Movie Review: Over the Hedge

This is a sugar-rush of a movie; the cinematic equivalent of empty calories. This is a DreamWorks picture from the same people that made the Shrek series. Like those two films -and upcoming sequel- Over the Hedge combines physical comedy for the kiddies with nod-and-a-wink in-jokes for parents. The voice casting is impeccable, led by Bruce Willis as RJ, the scoundrel raccoon who has to convince to the turtle Verne (Garry Shandling) and his family of woodland creatures to help him swindle food from the McMansions who’ve encroached on their territory. RJ needs this stuff because he stole -and eventually destroyed- the stuff that Vincent the local buy hoarded before settling in for his winter-long sleep.

The plot is easy to follow and anyone over the age of 10 will figure out the ending by about halfway through. Really though, the plot isn’t what’s important here. The gags are the thing, and they come at a rapid-fire pace. About half work, which is similar to the Shrek flicks. Over the Hedge is slick, funny and fun, if not especially meaningful.

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