September 08, 2006

Frinklin Football Forecaster: The National! Football! League!

Wild Card
New England over Cincinnati
Pittsburgh over Miami

Indianapolis over New England
Pittsburgh over Denver

AFC Championship
Indianapolis over Pittsburgh

AFC Rookie of the Year: Laurence Maroney
AFC Defensive Player of the Year: Troy Palumalu
AFC Offensive Player of the Year: Larry Johnson
AFC Most Valuable Player: Payton Manning

Wild Card
Dallas over Arizona
Philadelphia over Chicago

Seattle over Dallas
Carolina over Philadelphia

NFC Championship
Carolina over Seattle

NFC Rookie of the Year: Reggie Bush
NFC Defensive Player of the Year: Julius Peppers
NFC Offensive Player of the Year: Matt Hasselbeck
NFC Most Valuable Player: Steve Smith

Super Bowl XLI
Carolina 24, Indianapolis 14

AFC East, AFC South, AFC North, AFC West, NFC East, NFC South, NFC North, NFC West

I swear, non-Football stuff is coming soon.

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