January 09, 2007

Speed-Reading Jemele Hill

I'm having a busy week, and don't really have time to give Jemele Hill's latest "efforts" the pummeling they deserve, but for your convenience I will sum up her last four columns in one sentence each, since I know you're all just dying to know what fresh, deep insights Jemele is bringing to the world these days.

"Much Adu about nothing": "Hey, look, Freddy Adu has a little brother who's normal!"

"A disturbing, violent trend": "Maybe black athletes wouldn't get shot so often if black culture didn't glorify violence."

"A tale of two quarterbacks": "Troy Smith is a better quarterback than Chris Leak because he doesn't sound like a droid and he likes strippers and partying more than practicing and studying plays." (After last night's BCS Championship, it looks as though Smith just might benefit from a little less partying and a little more studying plays, hm? By the way, Hill's studying-is-for-nerds theme, continued from the Wie column, is really getting on my nerves.)

"Some sleaze is inevitable": "Most college coaches are sleazy, selfish bastards."

You're welcome.

Posted by Mediocre Fred at January 9, 2007 10:43 AM | TrackBack

I'm guessing from Hill's advocacy of watching strippers that rap culture's treatment of women as bitches and hos is OK with her; it's just the violent part that's problematic. Which is the flipside of my mother, who thought Terminator 2 was acceptable viewing but married people's kissing was not appropriate for children to see.

Posted by: PG at January 11, 2007 01:35 AM

Actually, according to her debut column, neither the "hos" nor the violence bother her too much: "And despite what everyone believes, the most serious problem in hip-hop isn't the violence or calling women ho's [sic]. The biggest problem is that rappers are too loud and incoherent."

Has she contradicted herself? In less than 2 months? I think so!

Posted by: Mediocre Fred at January 11, 2007 07:24 AM
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