January 15, 2007

Perhaps this should be the Dumbass and Fred Show

I'd missed work the last couple days (okay, three) of work last week, so I was determined to go today. It's still icy outside (more snow expected tonight!), but passable. I got to the train station early enough to get an earlier train. I was at my office 45 minutes before I was scheduled. I was On Top of Things.

Only my keycard wouldn't open the door. Huh... that was odd. And I noticed nobody milling around in the lobby. I knocked on the door, but nobody answered. I called the office... went straight to the voicemail.

Oh, you have GOT to be kidding me.

I went down to the main lobby and asked the security guard if he'd seen anybody from my company.


I could have sworn I didn't have MLK Day off.

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