January 20, 2007

Frinklin Football Forecaster: Championship Sunday

I've done just about everything possible to ignore these games. I can't stay away though. Hell, I'll watch the Colts versus the Pats and hope for a earthquake or something.

New Orleans Saints at Chicago Bears

Why the Saints will win: The Bears great strength is defense, but a decimated Seahawk team managed to up up 24 against them. A healthy Saints offense is scary, and Deuce McAllister took over the Eagles game. If the Saints rush against Chicago like they did last week, the Bears have no shot.

Why the Bears will win: This is Rex Grossman's game. The Saints have a pretty good defensive line, a solid linebacking corps,and one of the oldest sets of corners you'll ever see. Mike McKenzie is 32 and Fred Thomas is 34. Thomas was toasted by Donte Stallworth last week and will require safety help against Bernard Berrian or Rashied Davis.

Who will win? If this game were in New Orleans, one gets the feeling that the Saints would be the prohibitive favorite. The Saints are peaking at the right time, and Chicago seems a little stale.

Saints 24, Bears 20

New England Patriots at Indianapolis Colts

Why the Patriots will win: It might have something to do with Tom Brady being 12-1 in the playoffs for his career. Assuming he wins this game and yet another Super Bowl, is it set in stone at that point that Brady's the best big-game QB in NFL history? When does Joe Montana start getting called the “Tom Brady of the 80's”?

Why the Colts will win Because Manning hasn't played particularly well and Indy has won anyway. Because he and Tony Dungy are just due. Because the universe can't handle another Patriot Super Bowl.

Who will win? The past couple times Indianapolis and New England have played in the regular season the Colts have just killed them. That kinda sums up the rivalry here, doesn't it?

Patriots 17, Colts 14

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My prediction:

Saints 34, Bears 14
Patriots 31, Colts 30

Destiny versus Dynasty in the Super Bowl!

Posted by: Shawn at January 21, 2007 06:28 AM
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