February 04, 2007

Frinklin Football Forecaster: Super Bowl XLI

Pay no attention to this picks. I've was spectacularly wrong on the championship games, and I've paid very little attention to this game. I'd never realized the let-down that occurs the year after your team makes the Super Bowl. This is a pretty interesting match-up with a couple great subplots (Manning, Rex Grossman) and a host of interesting match-ups, and yet I don't give a damn about it.

At least there are no Patriots.

Chicago Bears versus Indianapolis Colts

Why the Bears will win: The Bears have the markedly better defense, better special teams (the Colts advantage at kicker is nullified by Hester and Indy's atrocious kick defense teams), and run even with the Colts along the offensive line and running back. This was a dominant team the first half of the season, and while the comparisons to the '85 Bears were presumptuous, Chicago is certainly capable of beating any team in the NFL.

Why the Colts will win:Quarterback is the single most important position in football and perhaps in all of major professional sports. Peyton Manning is even considering his post-season struggles at worst the second-best quarterback of his generation. Rex Grossman is a guy who's been sparking discussion of who the worse quarterback in Super Bowl history is. It's not fair to Rex, who is a pretty fair player when he's on a hot streak,but the plain fact of the matter is that the spread between these two teams at quarterback is about the size of the Atlantic Ocean.

Who will win? After the Colts beat Bellichek, Brady and the Patriots after falling behind 21-3, can anybody really say it isn't their year? The Colts probably aren't as good as last years' edition, but this team sure looks like destiny tapped them on the shoulder. Having said that, the Bears are better than people are giving them credit for, and a 6.5 7 point line is preposterous.

Colts 24, Bears 20

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