March 04, 2007

Monster Girl

We have another dog. While I'd love to say that this was an accident, or fate, or perhaps we tripped over the puppy and felt compelled to keep her. I can't. We went to the Humane Society. We (or I actually) said “Let's see that one.” We filled out the paperwork. We paid our donation fee. And now we have a fourth dog.

Ensie and I have been talking about another dog for some time now. At one point we actually had a third dog picked out and Pharaoh was to be number four. That didn't work out and we've played around with the idea ever since. Why? Well, as Ensie told her mother, “We have three. How different is four?” Now that my office is in the home (starting Monday anyway) both of us will be around a lot more. We have plenty more rationalizations. Actually we don't. We wanted another dog. We like the idea of rescuing animals.

Every Saturday we do our errands. Not only do we do the same errands just about every Saturday, we also take pretty much the same route. The Tacoma Humane Society is in-between the comic book shop and Target. As we're driving by Ensie says, “You don't want to go to the shelter do you?”

“Do YOU want to go the shelter?”

I'm known for such quick comebacks.

“I asked you.”

“Yeah, we can go to the shelter.... just to look right?”

Oh, of course not. The shelter was really busy, which is a good thing. They were also really full, which is a bad thing. We saw several dogs. There was the blinded Great Dane, but she needed to be the only dog in the house. There was Jasper, turned in by his owner, who looked and acted exactly like the Jeffery. There was Juliet, a rather large and laid-back black lab mix with haunting eyes that Ensie fell for.

Then there was Girl Jeffery. She's four months old, and she looks exactly like Jeffrey did when he was that age. The first time we saw her she was asleep in the corner of her cage. The next time we went by, the other dog in her cage was going to his forever home and she was rather excited. I fell in love. Since Ensie has picked out our last several animals, it was up to me; laid-back Juliet or slightly crazed puppy.

I picked the puppy. I had no choice. I was in love as soon as I saw her. We brought her home tonight and God Help us, she didn't stop moving for eight hours. Her name is Perdita, which is from A Winter's Tale. That sounds unbelievably pretentious until we tell people that Ensie picked it out because of some vague memory of high school Spanish. It's actually Latin and it means “lost”.

Yeah, you know what's lost? Our sanity. Pictures of the cuteness to come.

The title of this post? It comes from a series of possible names. Since we'd come from the comic book shop I thought of naming her after a comic character. I ran through your basic super heroine names, but who wants to name a dog Supergirl or She-Hulk. The only slightly good idea was naming her after Monster Girl from Invincible, which I'm sure will end up a nickname.

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